Tony Abel-Pype

HS Social Studies / CTE Audio & Video


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I received my Bachelor’s degree from Michigan State University in History and Economics in 2007, and completed my teaching Internship the following year. I have been teaching in Denver Public Schools since 2009. My passion is working alongside students so they can better recognize and make sense of the structures, systems, and history of the world. This builds within students a better understanding of our interconnections world. The main focus in every class is for students to critically analyze the deeper meanings of class content. They can connect what they are learning in class to their personal lives to create a deeper, more meaningful understanding of the world, humanity, and themselves. The ultimate goal of my pedagogy is for students to be empowered to imagine, create, and shape positive changes in the world as well as in their personal lives.

On a more personal note, I am married to the wonderful and fabulous Mrs. Abel-Pype. We have the two best, cutest, most loving dogs ever, Sophie and Mona. I play guitar (somewhat poorly, but I love it anyway). My all-time favorite band is Pearl Jam. And, the quote that best describes me is: “…got a mind full of questions and a teacher in my soul…” -e. Vedder.