Middle School

About 6-8

All KCAA students enjoy thematic units that weave the arts into the day-to-day classroom. Teachers use foundation curriculum from Denver Public Schools to teach extended blocks in literacy and math, regular blocks in science and social studies and a variety of arts-based electives. KCAA middle school students are offered dance, drama, music, digital media, 2-D and 3-D art and PE based on choice and availability.

All KCAA students engage in Academic and Career exploration, developing meaningful post-secondary goals and plans.   KCAA teachers believe in stimulating our students with provocative questions that guide investigations and build deep understanding as well as the critical thinking skills necessary for the 21st century. Academic teachers use Chromebooks in addition to iPad technology in their classrooms to support student learning as well as collecting assessment data.

Are you a 5th grader considering KCAA for Middle School? Check out this slideshow for more information: