School Based Health Center

Denver Health School-Based Clinic

Denver Health’s School-Based Health Center (SBHC) at Kunsmiller Creative Arts Academy (KCAA) offers no-cost healthcare, meaning, there will be no bills sent home or costs for prescriptions.

Services are available to any Denver Public Schools student or sibling.

We’re offering in-person or telephone/video appointments.

HoursMon-Fri 8AM-4PM


You can schedule your students for a visit at the clinic by calling 720-424-0156 or online through MyChart.


Telehealth appointments are available for KCAA School-Based Health Center Patients.

Telehealth appointments are a convenient, secure way to speak to your Denver Health provider from the comfort of your own home. Telehealth appointments will be conducted via telephone or video using a smartphone, tablet, or computer with a camera.

Learn more about telehealth.

Parental Consent & Confidentiality

A parent or guardian must sign a consent form before their child may use health center services. Once this is done, the child can use the health center at any time during the current school year. Supporting family communication is the main goal of the health center. Clinic staff encourages patients to discuss health care with their parents.

Sign the consent form, and sign up for the KCAA clinic in English, Spanish or Vietnamese.

*Please note: Colorado state law allows minors to access confidential mental health and/or reproductive health services without parental consent. If a student meets the age requirements by law a signed parent consent form is not required. Colorado state law also allows some visits to the health center to be confidential. Information is not shared without student permission. The only exception is a life-threatening situation.

Who can use a School-Based Health Center?

Any DPS student is eligible to use a SBHC. Students are eligible regardless of insurance status or ability to pay. SBHC can serve as the primary point of care for a student or can work in conjunction with a student’s primary care doctor.

Why choose a SBHC?

SBHC’s offer convenient care that limits the amount of time students are out of class and parents/guardians have to be off work. In many cases, students are able to get same or next day appointments.

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