Safe Access to Building

Posted January 15, 2021

Hello KCAA Community!

We are very close to our return to in-person learning for those who have selected it. A few reminders for next week:

  • There is no school Monday for the MLK holiday.
  • There are no classes Tuesday 1/19 as staff prepares for our in-person return.
  • On Wednesday (1/20)¬†only MS students (grades 6,7,8) who have a WHITE day schedule (live lessons on Mon and Wed, they have periods 1,3,5,7) will be in-building. All others will stay in remote learning.
  • On Thursday (1/21) only MS students (grades 6,7,8) who have a BLUE day schedule (live lessons on Tues and Thurs, they have periods 2,4,6,8) will be in building. All others will stay in remote learning.
  • On Friday (1/22) all students will be on their regular remote, stripe schedule. We will not have students in-building on any Friday. It will always be synchronous (live lessons) from home. There are no in-person classes on Fridays.¬†
  • On Monday & Tuesday (1/25 & 26) 9th & 10th graders will return to building, as per their White/Blue schedule.
  • On Wednesday & Thursday (1/27 & 28) all 11th & 12th graders will return to building, as per their White/Blue schedule.

For students who are returning to in-person. Please make sure you have the following:

  • Your Chromebook (fully charged!). we do not have enough outlets for students to plug in and they will use them every period, every day. 
  • Notebook, pencil, pen- this will be for your own use as assignments will be submitted digitally. 
  • A full water bottle- students will not be able to leave any class to use the water fountains.

Reminders for in-person return:

  • We will begin lining up for entry to the school at 8:15am. Please do not bring your student here earlier, they will be told to stay off campus until 8:15.
  • All MS students will line up by the Main Entrance (Quitman). Secondary students will not be allowed entry through nay other door as they must be screened.
  • Students will not be allowed to use lockers.

It is critical for us to stay open that all students follow all rules, safety guidelines and come prepared everyday! It will be the only way that our school can stay open. Parents/Students must complete the Safe Access screening everyday they come in the building. This process takes less than 30 seconds. The safe access link is here- 

Students with cell phones can do this when they wait in line to enter the building. If necessary, we will conduct a temperature check and isolate any students with a fever. Parents will be required to pickup children and take them home. 

SafeAccess – Check-in for Safety SafeAccess is a platform that ensures visitors follow health safety policies to keep locations protected and safe from external risk.

I do wish this process were easier but we must maintain all health and safety guidelines while we bring back our students. I, like many, are looking forward to the time when this is behind us. I hope you all have a safe and healthy long weekend! 

Peter Castillo
Kunsmiller Creative Arts Academy