6-12 Return to Building Update

Posted September 24, 2020

Hello KCAA Secondary Community!

It is still hard to imagine that 6 months ago we were packing up to leave school for what was going to be a 3 week spring break. It would be the last time we were in-building, doing school, the old-fashioned way. Today we realize the social bonds we miss, the ups and the downs of each classroom, the love of art which is at the core of all kids who select KCAA, and of course just sitting together and sharing our lives.

Based on the communication from DPS, KCAA is trying to establish, to the best we can with the resources and decisions of the community, to open for full-time in-person instruction on Wednesday October 21st. This date of course is based on the district’s guidance an approval and its collaborative work with local health agencies. It will not be what we remember. With new safety and health guidelines, we will be working with new protocols around the following:

·        Classes- we will continue the block format (4 classes) through the second 9 weeks of school.

·        Students will travel in small cohort groups to those 4 classes under supervision.

·        Lunch will be served in classrooms.

·        There will be no in-person afterschool activities.

·        We will not use the larger gathering spaces until given statewide approval (Theater, cafeteria etc…)

·        Students/Parents must conduct a self-health check before school each day

These are only some of the health/safety measures we will be using in addition to the standards of masks, hand-washing and social distancing. While our goal is a full day of in-person instruction, we will continue to update the community as to the model once we receive more information about staff assignments and total students wanting in-person learning.

Thank you,

Peter Castillo

Executive Principal

Kunsmiller Creative Arts Academy