Peter Castillo

KCAA Executive Principal




In 2009 I was asked to join a startup school in SW Denver. This would be an arts focused K-12, career minded school. It was completely unique, not only in Denver but in the US. I began by learning about elementary education (we already had a K-7) while simultaneously developing the HS plans. My aspiration was to design a school that was career and college focused, an intersecting group of programming and a place that students wanted to come to and felt comfortable being in. KCAA HS was born on that day but it also led us to the only K-12 model that was arts focused in our state! I am honored to still be at KCAA 13 years later. I have seen technology develop and its use with our students and community grow. But my true joy is spending time with your children. This year, students who started as Kindergartners all those years ago will walk across the stage as graduates! Since the pandemic, we are reinvigorated with the thought of cross-disciplinary activities, integrated projects and shared learning. I continue to be filled with optimism as our school numbers continue to grow and over 98% of our HS students complete school both college and career ready.