Peter Castillo

KCAA Executive Principal




Hello, KCAA Community. It is hard to believe it was nine years ago when I first started at KCAA. We have grown so much in size including serving over 950 students, academic achievement and being rated Green by the state for the third year, as well as receiving acknowledgement from the US News and World Report Top schools in the US, and artistically receiving multiple awards at all district art shows and performance events, in addition to receiving our third award from the National Arts School Network. We celebrate our collective choice to imagine and achieve and we continue to push ourselves further and farther than anyone could have foreseen. We have graduated on average 100 percent of our seniors! We have the first students completing their Associates degree through the ASCENT program free of charge. As KCAA looks towards its first decade celebration in 2018/19, it is an amazingly bright road ahead! It continues to be an honor to work for our KCAA Arts community.