Henri (Moose) Mamet

K-7 Drama




I have a high-energy 13-year-old daughter who keeps me young. and I am an active person with many hobbies. I am Stage Manager for a percussion and electronic performance group in Denver. I am a member of a competitive dragon boat team that competes annually in the Colorado Dragon Boat Festival. I like to ski, fly kites, work on my 110-year-old house, and scoot around on my Vespa. I started teaching after a wildly diverse career path. After college I served 10 years in the military then I went to graduate school for teaching. I taught English for a few years then started a design and screen printing business. In 2011, I started an enrichment education company offering classes in improv, vaudeville and sketch comedy to K-8 students. In 2017, I joined the KCAA staff, and I consider myself fortunate to have the opportunity to teach drama to our students. Our school values the skills students gain by studying theater including social and emotional maturity, creativity, problem-solving, and team-building, among many other skills. Most importantly, I strive to teach students to be funny. If you have the confidence and ability to walk into a room and make people laugh, you are a superhero because you have the power to change people’s moods for the better.